Always Seek Advice From A Personal Injury Attorney

You never know how bad your vehicle damages are until the vehicle is actually in the shop being repaired.

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, it is always in your best interest to seek the advice of a portland auto accident attorney immediately. I know this because I was recently involved in a car accident.

I was in downtown Seattle on a Friday evening coming home from a show. I was the passenger and my boyfriend was driving. We were patiently waiting for the red light to turn green, when we were hit in the rear of my vehicle. It completely caught us both of guard and I couldn’t believe that we had just been hit. As seen in the below photo, at first glance, it looks like a very typical fender bender with minimal damage. The person who hit me called me the next day to see if we could eliminate going through our insurance companies and they would pay me directly for the damages themselves. I almost agreed to do this because the damages seemed so minimal at the time, but working for a personal injury law firm, I had learned that this would not cover the costs for any injuries that I might incur, as well as, any hidden damages not seen before actually getting the work done on my vehicle.

Vehicle damages at first glance

Because the damages seemed so minimal, I assumed that I would not have any injuries. I was wrong. The next day I felt pain in my upper back on the left side. I tried taking ibuprofen hoping that it was just a little muscle spam that would go away quickly. Unfortunately this was not the case. I ended up loosing two days of work, going to the doctor’s twice for review and pain relief, as well as, several visits to a massage therapist before I finally felt normal again.

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Actual vehicle costs

When I finally had my vehicle fixed, I was given the photos shown below and the car repair shop told me that once they pulled the bumper off of the vehicle, they saw the real damage that was done to my vehicle. He told me that I had to have been hit pretty hard for this metal to bend like this. At first glance of the damages, I was given a quote of around $1,400.00. The actual total cost for the damages to my vehicle had increased considerably to $2,481.55.

Vancouver Personal Injury Attorneys

Valuable information to remember when you are involved in a car accident

  • Always inform your insurance company of any vehicle accidents that you are involved in so that any injuries you incur from the accident, can be documented and a case file can be open. All people injured by the negligence of someone else have a right to compensation. Your recovery is always the first priority, the law recognizes that you have been injured, suffered pain, incurred medical bills and other expenses, missed work and family obligations, and have had to deal with many other issues during the time of your recovery.
  • Never agree to work out a “Deal” with the person who is at fault. Your damages to your vehicle, such as in my case, were much worse than they appeared to be.
  • Always seek the advice of a personal injury attorney before talking or making any major decisions with an insurance company regarding your vehicle damages and/or injuries.

Being injured in a vehicle accident can be painful, confusing and stressful. Dealing with paperwork, adjusters, insurance companies, work and family obligations when you are hurt is a daunting task.

Russell & Hill, PLLC are a team of personal injury attorneys that can help take the burden off of you so that you may concentrate on what is truly important; seeking the right healthcare treatment so that you may heal in a timely manner and get your life back on track!.

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